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Our Story


We are Michael and Auri,

Just Juice was founded in 2020.


Our goal is to provide our community with 100% natural cold-pressed juice, the way nature intended for us to drink.

We believe with a healthy body one can achieve a conscious mind and be more in tune with the world. The power is in the fruits and vegetables, remember we are what we eat.


We wanted to have an environmentally friendly, all-natural way of providing people with an alternative to processed juices. Having two little boys was a game changer for us, it wasn’t until we had them that we became aware of how toxic and detrimental the products we consume are. We wanted to make the most delicious blends of 100% natural cold-pressed juices for our kids, your kids and everyone to enjoy. All of our products are chemical free! What sets us apart from other cold-pressed juice companies is that our products are always raw, unpasteurized and never HPP (High pressure processed). Our juices don’t contain any water, sugar, preservatives, added sweeteners and or GMO’s; they’re JUST JUICE! As a result, our juices boast superior taste and nutrition. 


It doesn’t make sense to make ourselves healthier at the expense of our planet, so we go above and beyond to be environmentally sustainable. Here are some ways how:

-All of our juices are packaged in glass bottles, no plastic whatsoever. 

-We recycle all of the pulp created in the making of our cold-pressed juices and is used to create compost. 

-We use paper and recyclable packaging for our products


We searched all over to provide you with the best locally sourced fruits and vegetables we could find from our local farmers and distributors. 


We believe in a different approach to making juice, the cold-pressed way. Cold-Presses first ground the produce into pulp, then the juice is extracted by pressing the pulp under thousands of pounds of pressure. This method keeps more vitamins and minerals in your juices, resulting in a healthier you!


We only use Goodnature cold-press machines because it’s the greatest way of extracting the best flavor and nutrients of the raw fruits and vegetables in the juices we provide to you.



When you open a bottle of Just Juice, you can immediately see our passion for our customer’s experience. We take pride in providing you the best tasting products with the highest quality of ingredients.

100% fruits, 100% vegetables, 0% anything else!


No added colors or flavors nature didn’t put there. Just our favorite produce, tasting as close to fresh-picked as possible with no processing. Try one of our cold-pressed blends today, your body and taste buds will thank you. 

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